15+ Real Work From Home Jobs In 2022 That Pay Well!

Most training institutions also offer career coaching and mentorship. According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for remote jobs is $26 an hour which is equivalent to $54,040 per year. Many factors affect this number including the specific companies, locations, and your work experience. Insurance agents reach out to customers over phone or email to sell them home, auto, life or general insurance plans. They gather information on leads of people who need insurance and meet with them to discuss the terms they can offer. Insurance agents negotiate payment rates, deductibles, premiums and additional service features based on their client’s situation. Their clients set priorities about what they need to accomplish, which the virtual assistant uses as a guide to making decisions.

  • As a social media manager, you’ll be in charge of creating content for a company’s social media accounts to grow their audience.
  • Improve your portfolio to increase your chance of getting an online job.
  • FlexJobs is sorted by the type of job you may want, and you won’t have to worry about scam postings, because they research the jobs and monitor new gigs pretty thoroughly.
  • Applicants will need to be in the US, Canada, or Mexico.

Social media managers typically create marketing strategies for brands, targeting major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. As a virtual public relations representative, your job description is the same as a traditional public relations manager. You’ll be responsible for managing your client’s image remotely and building good customer relations. Public relations managers also help in crisis management, especially for large corporations. A web or software developer creates and maintains websites as per their client’s specifications. They also provide technical support for clients, including but not limited to troubleshooting problems, maintaining existing websites, and so on.

Work From Anywhere Jobs Give You The Freedom To Wave Goodbye To Office Politics

Then provide customer service detail via live chat, social media, and email. Most companies require individuals to be proficient typists with excellent spelling and grammar. With this non-phone job, positions vary greatly, some are independent contracting roles, and others are full-time positions. Customer Service Representatives typically answer phone calls from customers and respond to email inquiries. Customer Service departments may need their representatives to do everything from process returns to troubleshoot problems for customers.

  • The best thing about bookkeeping is you don’t need any experience to start.
  • The nice thing about short tasks is most of them can be done on your smartphone during your spare time, making it a great way to earn a little extra money.
  • As an ESL teacher, you will be able to teach English to clients in places such as Hong Kong, China, and the Middle East who are looking to improve their career prospects by learning English.

If you’re qualified and know a lot about a subject, you may be able to take on some clients as a coach and help them to excel in whatever you specialize in. Be sure to get any necessary certifications and training first. Are you great at getting answers to questions and quick thinking? You could be well suited for the job of appointment setter. Social media accounts went from a guilty pleasure to a mandatory part of every business over the past few years.

Ideal Career Path?

You have to be a native English speaker from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. You can choose your own hours and the pay is around $22 to $26 per hour. Many people are busier than ever before and willing to pay to buy back some of their time.

best work from home jobs without degree

The beauty of these marketplaces is that you don’t have to have an existing audience to start making money. The key instead is to focus on building great products, taking really good photos, and ensuring that you have the right keywords https://remotemode.net/ and good descriptions in your listing. For this role, you’ll likely answer telephones, book appointments, help clients, and do administrative tasks. It can be one of the best work from home jobs for women with kids at home.


Copy editing expands to include editing content and flow of a story, or even the layout on a page. You can do a job search for copy editing jobs, but Scribendi and Scribbr are popular editing services. Standing out doesn’t mean straying from the professional path.

Voice-over artists can work from home if they have the right audio equipment to capture a clear sound. This includes headphones, a quality microphone, acoustic insulation, audio editing software and a computer to store the recording.

Where To Find Work From Home Jobs That Dont Require A Degree

To prepare for the interview, you can also review the job description to make sure you are familiar with everything that the job requires. Think of the interview as an opportunity to show off your excellent communication skills. Employers hire applicants who can do the job with minimal supervision. Since there is a huge gap in communication and time zones, responses from your colleagues could be a bit slower. Most of the time, you will be working on your own so you must know how to organize things properly to avoid problems. You’ll need to be proactive and self-sufficient in handling tasks.

  • Besides, work from home jobs offer more freedom and flexibility than the conventional 9-to-5 jobs.
  • This has led to increased demand for cybersecurity personnel.
  • Proofread Anywhere is one portal to find proofreading jobs.
  • Your main goal as an SEO specialist is to increase the ranking of a website on search engines.

Blogging should be #1 on this list because it’s what I do and I LOVE it, but I understand it’s not for everyone. I interviewed Gina Horkey who is a six-figure Virtual Assistant and she shares exactly how you can get started as a Virtual Assistant. The Bookkeepers course teaches you how to charge $60 per hour, but if you want to work for a company, you can make $15-$50 per hour. One of the moms has 9 kids, homeschools 6 of them and still has time to make a living as a Bookkeeper Part-time!! You’ll have to check out the full interview in my How to Become a Bookkeeper article. Writing is by far one of the best legitimate work from home jobs for moms because you get to work entirely around your schedule.

If you’re wondering how to get started, putting together resumes for friends and family is a great way to begin, in addition to selling your services on online marketplaces. You can do this type of remote work part-time or full-time once you get enough clients. Many blogs and websites hire writers to put together content for them. This includes blog posts, specific web pages, or any other long-form content related to their business.

How Much Can You Earn With A Remote Job Without A Degree?

Persuasive, committed Telemarketers can quickly and efficiently close sales to earn a high salary while working from their home office. Everything we can think of these days has a mobile app for it. Part of a company’s customer service branch, a chat agent is someone who chats real time with customers to solve their issues via some instant messaging platform. Working on behalf of insurance companies, this job requires you to assess how much insurance needs to be paid on per case basis, depending upon merits of the case. Working over the phone and providing solutions to callers for any issues related to a product or service is what one is required to do. Excellent communication skills and detailed product information is required. Use various social media tools to engage with present and potential customers and also obtain personal and demographic data.

best work from home jobs without degree

The quickest way to engage with your audience is through social media channels such asPinterest,Facebook, andInstagram. If you’re a new blogger, you may find yourself caught up in trying to figure out the perfect name, color scheme, WordPress template, etc. Instead of getting stuck on the technicalities or the look of your blog, focus on building great and helpful content. While proofreading may not make you a ton of money, it can certainly boost your income and even allow you to travel the world or make big purchases. The following suggestions are great work from anywhere job ideas. There are different requirements based on the job, but many of them are easy to get into.

Digital Marketer

This job is “great for former teachers or if you don’t mind working super early in the morning” due to time zone differences, Inman says. Companies that hire online English teachers will often give you the resources you need to teach your students, such as lesson plans or access to online language platforms or games. If you have experience in the subject matter a company deals with or familiarity with the style guide they use, that will likely be a bonus. “Online jobs are still jobs,” says Esther Inman, a career coach and the CEO and founder of Virtual Assistant Internship, a company that helps people looking to start online careers. There are countless remote jobs that don’t require a degree and thousands of people who are working from home, making a good income and have no degree in hand. According to PayScale, web designers earn a mean annual salary of $51,626 while the top earners get more than $75,000 in wages. Together with graphic design, this is one of the highest-paying jobs for 18-year-olds in the United States.

  • If this sounds like the type of work-from-home job you’d like, here’s a full article abouthow to get paid to search the web.
  • Client services managers serve as liaisons between a company and their clients, ensuring that communications are clear and projects meet expectations.
  • Here are 50 options, many of which can generate annual earnings that equate to more than the average American salary.
  • Finding a qualified financial advisor doesn’t have to be hard.SmartAsset’s free tool matches you with up to 3 fiduciary financial advisors in your area in 5 minutes.
  • Chat agents are another form of customer service and getting into this work-at-home career is relatively straightforward compared to other roles.

If you’re looking for the highest paying work from home jobs without a degree, we’ve got you covered. At Simplilearn, we offer specialized remote jobs that don’t require a degree training in a wide range of tech jobs that give ambitious professionals the chance to earn lucrative salaries without college degrees.

Wholesale And Manufacturing Sales Representatives, Except Technical And Scientific Products

Then keep reading; we’re answering a reader’s question on remote non-phone jobs and where to find them. If your job can be done on a computer and you want to work from home, don’t be shy. Transcriptionists are required to listen to audio recordings, and write them down. The key here is to be extremely accurate, so you need to have great attention to details. Similarly, you can offer LinkedIn profile writing services, as many recruiters look for potential employees on this professional social network. If you’re doing well in college, it’s easy to think everyone else is too, but the truth is that many people struggle with passing their courses. You could make a living by helping them out and teaching them what you know.

Ideal for travel enthusiasts providing details and special tips to viewers and earning from something they love to do. Blogging on behalf of a company is a great way to be creative from home as well as earn really well. Transcribing audio format of reports into documents with maximum accuracy for insurance and data purposes. Working on behalf of corporations, one needs to obtain wage details and work out salaries, calculate deductions and prepare tax filings for their employees. Offering flexible office hours and telecommuting helps with recruitment, especially when appealing to millennials and parents. A software architect defines and documents software solutions, making the “solutions” that the solutions architect designed become possible.

What Jobs Are Best For Working From Home?

With the increasing popularity of video conferencing, it is now possible to provide such services from the comfort of your home. A medical coder updates patient records with important information needed for data management and billing. One common misconception about medical coding is that you need to understand computer programming and programming languages to succeed as a medical coder. On the contrary, medical coders do not write actual code and are not involved in technological aspects of medical record keeping. Medical coding requires more knowledge of healthcare than actually coding.

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